Data Management Activities, Resources & Capacities

As data-driven science receives increased attention, the complexity and the size of research data in life sciences is continuously increasing. As a result, life scientists face obstacles and need to delve into advanced data management techniques. In addition, an increasing number of funders demand that life scientists should draft proper data management plans (DMPs) before the beginning of any research project.

Recognizing the previous needs, ELIXIR-GR has made efforts to collect relevant materials, contribute to the european initiatives and networks for drafting relevant guidelines, provide the most advanced software stacks to help researchers, determine the appropriate contact points. This page summarises ELIXIR-GR’s data management activities, resources and capacities.

Participation in the ELIXIR Data Platform

The ELIXIR Data Platform was created to drive the use, re-use and value of life science data. To this end, it provides users with robust, long-term sustainable data resources within a coordinated, scalable and connected data ecosystem.

The ELIXIR Data Platform offers various services, among which is the list of data resource services, such as Anastasia, MESBL, FINDbase, PICKLE and UniRED.

ELIXIR-GR data platform coordinator: Christos Ouzounis

Participation in the ELIXIR Data Management Coordinators & Network

ELIXIR Data Management Coordinators group. The Data Management Coordinators are the main contact points for each ELIXIR Node regarding Data Management issues. They also form the core of the ELIXIR Data Management Network, which is a network of experts that interact through a mailing list, as well as through regular monthly meetings that are used for sharing of best practices, and how Data Management support is done in different countries. 

The contact points of the Greek node in this network are:

Data management resources in ELIXIR-GR

An indicative list of available data management resources hosted or supported by the Greek node is the following:

  • RDM toolkit: A catalogue of best practices & tools relevant to data management.
  • DSW Greece instance: The Data Stewardship Wizard is a platform that facilitates drafting of data management plans (DMPs).
  • DMPlanner: This is an extensible and searchable catalogue for DMP resources.
  • Local EGA : The national instance of the Local EGA is hosted at the ELIXIR GR Infrastructure (operated by GRNET), offering the following properties:
    • GDPR compliance
    • Two backups at different physical location
    • Exploits GRNET network backbone
    • Isolated from other services/users

    The current status is:

    • Established connection to testing version of central EGA
    • Test upload succeeded
    • Waiting for graphical user interface
    • Legal documents pending

Training activities

Future activities:

  • Data Management Plan Workshop: A course on DMP requirements, good Data Management practices and hands-on practice

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