Micro-tomography (micro-computed tomography or microCT) is a method of non-destructive 3D x-ray microscopy, which allows the users to create 3D models of objects from a series of x-ray projection images, similar to the conventional clinical computer tomography. The MicroCT Service offers a collection of virtual galleries of taxa which will be displayed and disseminated through a web-based framework, and allows the user to manipulate the 3D models through a series of online tools or to download the datasets for local manipulations.
The LifeWatch Greece MicroCT virtual laboratory (https://microct.portal.lifewatchgreece.eu/, PubMed citation) will be employed to allow the dissemination of specimen 3D reconstructions and models addressing part of the ELIXIR Marine use case requirements and providing unique expertise to the ELIXIR-EUROPE Marine.
Pertinent actions to the facilitation of the above include:

  1. the development of an Application Programming Interface (API)
  2. outreach and dissemination activities within the ELIXIR-GREECE and ELIXIR-EUROPE communities.


Hellenic Center for Marine Research

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